EMERGE Youth & Young Adult Cohort

(10-12 weeks / Ages 14 - 26)

EMERGE is an intensive disruption, healing and leadership development program. Our curriculum focuses on enhancing emotional well-being, strengthening familial relationships, and developing a greater sense of empathy toward others through self-healing, self-development, and self-advocacy.

CDI Leadership Development Fellowship

Ages 18+

Designed for 12-15 participants. It is a comprehensive life skills, healing, and leadership development training program for directly and/or system impacted individuals. Fellows receive a monthly stipend. They are connected to direct service agencies and/or CBO’s that Concrete Development has established collaborative relationships with to ensure the successful provision of services for both agency and participant.

Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Awareness

(12 Weeks/ Ages 12-18)

Group-based curriculum incorporating mindfulness, self-awareness, and substance-abuse treatment strategies for use with adolescents and young adults dealing with substance use. This program is specifically designed for 8-10 adolescents per cohort with 3-4 young adults shadowing as peer/mentors for leadership development. (Peer Mentors must be 18+ and have successfully completed the 6 month CDI Fellowship)

Safe Summer Series

(3 months)

Series of monthly summer events created to provide safe, family-friendly entertainment and activities for residents of all ages. Our goal is to reduce Gun Violence and Violent activities within targeted communities, present/promote/provide crisis intervention services for community residents most susceptible to trauma, encourage low propensity voters to engage in advocacy for structural/systemic change within their communities, and connect marginalized communities with access to COVID/Flu resources.

Our Team

The Concrete Team is our neutral “space” used to connect CDI fellowship graduates, groups, and individuals already serving their communities and provide them with tools that will further Equip, Empower, Educate, and Engage folks on the ground with what they need to promote change. The Concrete Team is the driving force to our advocacy work