About Us

Three to five years ago violence in Stockton was largely driven by those from ages 18-35. Today, our local data shows that violence is now driven by those ages 12-26. Specifically, Stockton youth and young adults in that age bracket (12-26), are experiencing an annual increase in deaths and recidivism due to violence, gun violence, and substance use disorder. Year to date (July 2023) 46% of homicide victims in the City of Stockton were ages 29 and younger.

Concrete Development Inc., serves our Stockton community and specifically its systems impacted youth around those areas of violence, gun violence and substance use disorders and provides a clear pathway for personal and community change. CDI, does this by creating a pathway for participants that not only disrupts how they view their local ecosystems and structures of violence, but also creates agency and self-actualization for participants to change their own lives and the greater community as a whole.