LaToya McNeil


My name is LaToya McNeil.. you can call me Toya. I was born and raised in Stockton California. Stockton is my HOME! Growing up I witnessed many things no child should see, one being watching my mother being physically abused (almost to death) by her partner at the time at 7 years old. After finding the courage to sneak out of the house with nothing but her children, then spending multiple years in shelters SHE (my mom) WAS OUT. As a byproduct, that broke that generational trauma from me (for context: my mother and grandmother watched their mothers, being abused as well). I am blessed to say that my mom’s story is not my story, but her getting out did not exempt me from the childhood traumas that plagued me as an adult. Thank God for THERAPISTS!!! Those experiences shaped my love and passion for the community, specifically my passion for protecting children. I’ve been afforded multiple opportunities to help victims and survivors of violent crimes get connected to the FREE mental health services they deserve.


I am a core team leader of the Stockton Concrete Team with Concrete Development Inc. Being apart of the Concrete Team-Leadership Development is where I discovered I was an Internal Organizer. I now have the absolute privilege of working as an Administrative Manager for Public Health Advocates, however I am also an alumni and previously served as an administrator for the PICO California Peacemaker Fellowship.


The Stockton Concrete Team gave me the organizing skills and confidence I needed to go after the community based, nonprofit work I desired.




Community focus:

Mental health,

Youth development,


Restorative Justice