Koron Richardson


Born and raised in South Stockton. I have overcome numerous challenges and grown personally. As the oldest of three siblings, I was raised by a single father until he went to prison when I was seven. I lived with my grandmother for five years until my mother, who had been released from prison, re-entered my life. Years later she returned back to prison and me and my little brother lived with our uncle, her brother. I lived a year in Vegas before returning back to Stockton at 17 years old, where I stayed by Angel Cruz Park. By the time I turned 18 I had gotten kicked out of my uncle’s house and moved back south with my dad who had been recently released from prison. I then soon got involved in the street life where I became a part of a Gang known as the S-MOB. Unfortunately, after years of the same thing I became bored with the Gang life and decided to settle down and have a family.

Years after settling down, my life took a wrong turn when I went to prison, for shooting into a dwelling assault with a firearm. I got out of prison in 2017. My sentence was two years with a strike. I did a year and got out due to taking classes that helped my time get cut. After my release I chose a different path to take than the one I was on. I was then invited to meet some mentors at City Hall with the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP). I received a year of service that led to job opportunities, transportation, etc.

After being a part of OVP as a client. I then wanted to pursue becoming an OVP mentor due to the line of work they did. So I took advantage of the opportunity when they told me to sign up for California Justice Leaders (CJL) and I am now a mentor with CJL partnering with the Concrete Team. Here I am receiving the training needed to be able to facilitate and guide and mentor youth and adults at-risk and non at-risk. I am working to actively engage in the community, make a change, and uplift and break the cycles of violence. I believe change is possible and I strive to be a beacon of hope and a light in the dark to show the way for those seeking a brighter future.